A Beautiful Bride in Newark, Delaware

I love having the opportunity to photograph beautiful brides after their wedding day, as it’s a great opportunity to capture amazing shots without the time restrictions that virtually always accompany the wedding day.  In this particularly case, I had a blast hanging out with many other fellow photographers and some amazing former brides during the recent Delaware Photog Shootout in Newark.  As a wedding photographer, I spent the bulk of my time photographing Lindsay, who was kind enough to wear her beautiful wedding dress in the nearly 100 degree heat.  Thank you Lindsay!!!

Thanks also to Nickie Slater for doing a fabulous job on Lindsay’s hair and Shannon Melvin for the wonderful job on her makeup, both courtesy of Gloss Salon.  Finally, thanks to Rob Nicholson for organizing these Photog Shootout events.  Now on to a few of my favorite photos of Lindsay…

To see some photographs from another Photog Shootout event click here.

stickel - Thanks for your comment, Rima. The first photo was taken with the Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8 lens, and I was at about 120mm at f/4.

Rima - These shots are really nice, what lens where you using in the first pic?

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