An Elegant Bride in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Earlier this year I was presented with another wonderful opportunity to photograph an elegant bride after her wedding day, which always provides an occasion to get some fantastic shots without the same time restrictions that typically accompany the wedding day.  In this case, I had great fun shooting Becky during the Photog Shootout event in Lancaster, PA.  Thank you Becky for sharing your time and beauty with me and my camera.  For everyone else, please feel free to contact me if you wish to learn about or schedule a post-wedding photography session.

To see some other photos I took of beautiful brides during a photog shootout click here.

stickel - Thank you Jocelyn. I’m glad you like these shots and appreciate your encouragement. The last one was all natural light. We pulled a chair over near the door, which we propped open to let in the beautiful late afternoon light.

Jocelyn Canfield - Hey John, really like these. I especially like composition of the one from under the chandelier and the sideligh in the last one in black and white. Was that window lit, or studio lighting? I love the bride’s expression on the one of her leaning against the stone wall… Keep up the good work!

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