Traditional Chinese Wedding Ceremony – Chong & Lenny

Chong and Lenny conducted their traditional Chinese wedding ceremony at the Crown Plaza Resort & Golf Club in Lake Placid, NY.  This was a gorgeous hotel that was made even more remarkable with the presence of this beautiful bride and groom.  The morning started with the bride getting ready in her traditional Chinese wedding dress, which is red as a symbol of good luck and has elaborate gold embroidering.

At about the time the bride finishes getting ready, the groom arrives with his groomsmen but is blocked at the door by the bridesmaids.  The bridesmaids play door games with the groom and his groomsmen, which is an ancient tradition symbolizing that her family and friends don’t want to part with their lovely bride.  The groom also tries to buy his way in by presenting token money in red envelopes, called Li Shi.  His participation in this good-natured bargain game eventually wins him access to his beautiful bride.

Once the bride and groom have been united, they next begin the official Chinese wedding ritual, which consists primarily of the ancient tea ceremony.  This involves them bowing three times, once to honor heaven and earth, once to honor their ancestors and parents, and finally to honor each other.  They then present tea to their parents and other relatives.  Those who receive tea give the bride gifts that include jewelry or Li Shi money in red envelopes.

At the completion of their traditional Chinese wedding ceremony, the bride changes into her modern wedding dress in preparation for the Western-style wedding ceremony. 
Once the bride is ready to go, the wedding party departs for some formal photographs down at Lake Placid and then it’s off to the ceremony where we’ll pick up with in the next post.  Also, to see some photographs from Chong & Lenny’s engagement session in Philadelphia click here.

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