Lake Placid Wedding – Chong & Lenny

After the traditional Chinese tea ceremony that I talked about in the previous post, Chong and Lenny spent a bit of time at Lake Placid for fun and formal photographs before moving on to their wedding ceremony.  The weather was marvelous, the scenery was spectacular, and the bride and groom were simply stunning.  You couldn’t ask for a better time and place to celebrate the love of this beautiful couple.

While it was difficult to pull ourselves away from the grandeur of Lake Placid, there was a beautiful ceremony and a large group of eager guests awaiting the bride and groom’s arrival.


At the conclusion of the romantic wedding ceremony, we moved inside to the beautiful Lake Placid Club for the reception and dinner.

The bride and groom surprised everyone by performing a Bachata dance they had spent the last several months learning.  They were amazing!

Not only was it fantastic to watch, but the bride and groom’s surprise performance sparked the excitement of the guests and everyone quickly joined them on the dance floor to celebrate the night away with the newlyweds.

To see some photographs from their traditional Chinese wedding ceremony click here.

stickel - Thanks for your comment Tim, and for sharing my blog with your co-workers. I liked that particular photo also, which is why I wanted to share it with folks here on the blog. I’m glad to learn that others enjoy it.

Tim - One of my favorite (and my co-workers’) on Chong and Lenny’s wedding photos is the picture where the boys and the girls lined up as the bride and the gloom kissed.

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