New Jersey Wedding Preparations – Jessica & Jonathan

Jessica and Jonathan are an amazing couple and it was an absolute privilege to photograph their wedding on April 4, 2009.  We started at the home of Jessica’s parents in Mount Laurel, NJ, where this beautiful bride was getting ready for her big day.  Jessica’s parents were very warm and welcoming, and the morning went smoothly even as the excitement continued to build within everyone. 

Once she was finished with her hair and makeup, Jessica’s mother helped lace up her gorgeous wedding dress.  Jessica would surely take Jonathan’s breath away when she walked down that aisle.


Next it was time for her bridesmaids to help Jessica put on her shoes.  But first she showed me a little surprise she had in store for Jonathan in that the words “I Do” were put on the underside of her shoes.  Jessica also had a little fun with this and twisted it around to ask “Do I?”

Now that she was ready to go, Jessica took a last look at her parent’s wedding photograph and perhaps pondered how the wonderful life that awaits her with Jonathan may resemble the many blessed years she has enjoyed with her loving family.

After being escorted to the limo by her father, it was off to the Marlton United Methodist Church for the beautiful wedding ceremony, which is where I will pick up with my next post.  To see some photographs from Jessica & Jonathan’s engagement session click here.

Alicia Panton - Very beautiful.

Great Job! John :’)

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