Location Lighting Workshop with Joe McNally

In August I had the privilege of attending a week-long location lighting workshop with Joe McNally at the Maine Media Workshops.  It was an amazing experience to say the least and I learned a tremendous amount from this master of photography.  In addition to being so very open with his knowledge, Joe has a fantastic personality and was quick to share many colorful stories from his time spent shooting for National Geographic, Sports Illustrated, Time and Life magazines.  Another great benefit of the workshop was working with the 13 other talented and accomplished photographers in attendance.  Each participant brought their own area of interest and expertise to bear on the learning experience.  We spent the mornings learning from Joe in the classroom or watching him demonstrate lighting setups in the studio, and during the afternoons we visited various locations to shoot together in smaller groups with Joe offering critiques and advice as appropriate.  This was my second time attending a workshop at the Maine Media Workshops, and both experiences were wonderful and left me eager to return for more.  Check out their website at www.theworkshops.com to see a list of their upcoming classes.  To see some of Joe’s amazing photography, you can check out his website or blog, or you can pick up one or both of his instructional books: The Moment it Clicks and The Hot Shoe Diaries – Big Light from Small Flashes.  Here are a few of the photographs I took while attending the location lighting workshop.

Thanks to Joe McNally and all of the wonderful participants for making our week together both educational and enjoyable.

Michael - Whose the guy next to John Stickel? He even tries to dress like John.

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