Fairmount Park Philadelphia Engagement – Kimberly & Daniel

Daniel proposed to Kimberly at the waterfall near Valley Green Inn in Fairmount Park.  So they chose to have their engagement session around this special area.  They are a delightful couple and we had a wonderful afternoon together exploring the park.  I love the photographs we created during our time together and hope they bring Kimberly and Daniel many years of joy.  I’m looking forward to designing a beautiful guest-signing book with these images for them to share with family and friends during their wedding next year.  Congratulations on your engagement Kimberly and Daniel!!

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Danielle - Delightful photos.. There is a nice variety of shots here! Best of luck.

Keira M. - All of these pictures are great. I really like the one with the silhouette in the covered bridge a lot! Congrats!

BETTE - Kim and Danny, the pictures are magnificent and you two look so happy. great shots!

Bob - It is great to see you two so happy…Good luck Godson and Kim.

Dan - Beatiful like the ones on the bridge as well as from far away

Addison - Kim & Dan- Congratulations on your engagement! What beautiful photos you have to look back on.

Jen - Congratulations Dan and Kim! The photos are wonderful.

Michael - I really like these pictures. They turned out great!

Todd W - Nice pictures. I love the photo that just shows your feet with the reflection in the water. Very clever idea!

Steve Z. - these pictures are absolutely gorgeous, you guys look fantastic! The one of you guys on the bench is my fav! Kudos to the photographer!

Debbie - These are fantastic pictures. You found a great photographer. Best of luck!

John - Great engagement session photos. Congratulations to you both!

Walt Maceko - Hey really like the one with your reflection in the water. Good Luck guys, Walt

Jamie Briggs - Amazing Pictures! Congrats, guys!

Justin - The Pictures Are Spectacular! You Guys Look Great!

Kristen Hauf - Absolutely beautiful job! Congratulations to the both of you!

Olga Migdalia - You guys make such a wonderful couple! Those pictures only prove it more! Best of luck!

Hedgie - Happy for you two! What a pretty setting to take these photos in. I would love to hike those rocks. Best of luck,


Stacy - These pictures are beautiful! Congratulations again and best wishes with the rest of wedding planning. You are going to make a gorgeous bride.

Krystina - The pictures are fabulous! Congrats and many happy wishes for your life together. :)

BC - Now, that’s love.

Jason - Beautiful pictures and beautiful couple. Congrats.

Lisa - Congratulations Kim & Dan, you both look great! The pictures are fabulous. Hope the wedding planning is going well!

Peggy - Congratulations – you both look great!

Thad - Can’t wait to share in your special day, the pictures look amazing!

Mimi - Loved where the pictures were taken. Beautiful job. I’m sure
your wedding photos will be great if they look anything like
these – May you have many, many years of good fortune, love
and happiness.

Mark - These pictures are lovely. What a memory to start a journey that will last a lifetime.

Thos. Maye - Well Kimberly you and your young man look wonderful you have truly found a talented photographer looking forward to seeing what they can do on your big day

Mike McCabe - Hey Noodles always knew you were a nature girl love the pics that Dan is a lucky man. great use of the camera angles

Sean McCabe - wow you guys look great can’t wait to see the wedding pics.

Heather - I liked the pictures

Doug - Great pictures

Pat - I love the pictures. Kim and Dan look great. I can’t wait to see what the wedding photos are going to look like.

Kathleen Card - These photo’s are amazing! Congratulations to you and best of luck!

Martina - Congratulations!

Claire W - Dan and Kim – You and the photos are absolutely beautiful. The photographer did a fabulous job, but how could he not with the two of you. Best of Luck.

Karen - Wow! really nice photos, Dan and Kim. Congratulations and best of luck!!

Josh - Dan, these are some great pictures! They are really incredible Congratulations to you both!

Kelly - Wonderful pictures Dan! They really capture the love you two share. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lisa - Daniel you guys look so in love with each other. These pictures are amazing. You are so lucky to have found love like this. These pictures will hold a special place in your heart for a life time. Beautiful scenery, beautiful people and most of all a beautiful union. Best of luck!

Chong - John – these are beautiful! I love the ones by the bridge and the water.

Toni - Wow, you guys are an absolutely gorgeous couple, and i wish you the best of luck during your long lives together. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures with us.

Angela - These are beautiful pictures and I wish you the best of luck. Thank you for sharing these with us! Congratulations!

Arielle - Great pics! Congratulations on your engagement. Best wishes to you both.

Sandee - Dan,
Congratulations to you and Kim! These pictures are absolutely stellar! My favorites are the silouette under the covered bridge and the reflection in the water.Thanks for sharing!Peace on!

Teresa Nichols - Pictures are beautiful best of luck to you both,

Julie - What wonderful photos! Best of luck!

chris hatfield - The pictures are awesome. brings back memories seeing valley green in the backround. You guys look great good choice.

Maureen Koziolek - Beautiful Pictures Dan and Kim!

Ethan & Isaac - Uncle Dan & Aunt Kim look very nice.

Bob - These are great pictures. Kim you look beautiful and Dan you’re a super stud.

Emily - Fabulous pictures! Congratulations on your engagement and best of luck for the future!

Cathy Stevenson - Absolutely gorgeous!

Ray - The photographs with the reflection of you and Dan in the water are really artistic.

Judy - Your pictures are beautiful! May you have many wonderful years together.

Andrew - Congratulations Kim!!!

Sherry - You look great together! Nice photos.

Carol Reinhardt - Great pictures.

Dolores Miller - The pictures are breath taking, great back grounds.They are a breauitful couple. Congratulations.

Lauren - Congratulations!

Ken Hickey - Great pictures.

Daniel - John, these pictures are truly magical! We are so delighted that we have you as our photographer. I can’t wait for the wedding photos. I am so glad that you are a part of these special moments in our lives. Thank you for your genius.

Ted S. - Awesome. Just awesome! Congrats.

Gwen Johnson - So gorgeous that I almost cried. If you stay as happy in your marriage as you look in these photos, you won’t have any problems. Congratulations!

Scott Szczypiorski - These are fantastic!

Krista Johnson - Kim & Dan, these are absolutely beautiful!! How will you pick just ONE?? Can’t wait for the big day!
Love u guys!!! Krista

Valerie Matthews - Kim your pictures are beautiful! You guys look awsome together!So happy for you. Congradulations!!

Debbie - Congratulations Dan and Kimberly! Your photos are beautiful! I like the ones by the water and on the bridge. You’ll have wonderful Wedding pictures

Steve Struck - Beautiful photos of this engagement session from Fairmount Park, John! We received so many compliments from our wedding guests about the spectacular guest sign-in book that you created for Donna and me earlier this year, and I’m sure that this happy couple will love their book as well. Good luck & best wishes to the bride & groom for a wonderful wedding! You are in great hands with John as your photographer.

tammi - These pictures are great. They really bring out the joy and love they feel for eachother. I think they look amazing. Congrats!

Meredith - These pictures are so beautiful! I love the location and you both look so happy in all of the photos! The photographer did an awesome job for sure.

Jessica - Kim, these pictures are beautiful…you can def. see that you two are right for each other and in love. Good Luck!!

Sarah Clarke - These are amazing! I really love the water reflection one! Congrats Kim and Dan!

Pam Whiteman - Dan and Kimberly, these photos are great. I especially love the ones by the water. Great energy and light! Wishing you all the same for your marriage! Pam

danielle morris - wow the pictures are amazing. congrats

jill - These pictures are beautiful. I especially like the one in the bridge and the one of their reflection in the water.

Gina Rigsby - Dan and Kim, Congratulations on your engagement! These pictures are beautiful. I am a big fan of the more abstract photos. Good luck with the wedding planning! Gina

Joyce Macelko - Dan, These are great. Love the ones by the water especially the bridge. Kim is beautiful.Best of luck to you both. Joyce M

Felicia Newman - Dan and Kim,
Congratulations on your engagement. I am so happy for you. The pictures are great!!!!!

Crissy - Amazing! I love the covered bridge photo oh my gosh..you guys look so happy!

Susan Kempczynski - Kim and Dan, Congratulations on your Engagement. I love the pictures. I’m unable to pick out a favorite… they are all so beautiful. I can only imagine what John has in store for your Wedding pictures.

Dottie Wood - Kim –
I love the pictures – they are beautiful. You guys make a handsome couple. What a great idea to go back to the place where you got engaged. Love the different scenes – all so different.

Linda - Wow! Beautiful pics–the reflections/water shots in particular are wonderful. Best wishes–you are off to a wonderful start for sure.

Pam Shupp - Kim,
These photos are fabulous! I especially love the ones on the bridge. What an incredible keepsake these photos will be.

Tracy Galante - Thanks for sharing. Your photo’s are very beautiful. I don’t think I would be able to choose, I’d have to get them all. :)Best wishes and we look forward to September. xoxo

Laura - What a beautiful setting! It will be tough to choose which ones to frame, they all turned out great!

Betsy Kotulka - Kim,
The photos are gorgeous! Easy to do, considering the subjects! You both look spectacular! You can just feel the electricity between you two. Can’t wait to see you in the next set of photos next September 10!!

Judy - Great Photos! Much love and happiness for the both of you!

Patti - Beautiful photos! The colors are great and the water reflection ones are really fun. Best wishes to you both. :)

Mary - John- The photos are amazing. I love them all.
You did a fantastic job capturing their feelings and emotions.
I am so thrilled that my daughter and future son in law chose you to be their photographer. And like Kim I can not wait for the wedding.

Amy Hatfield - I loved all of your pictures! They turned out so nice and you two really look in love! It also looks like you had a great time posing for the pictures. You two are going to look even more stunning on your wedding day! Love you guys!

Marie - Really amazing photos! Best of luck

Jennifer Richardson - Wow! Your photos are amazing!!!Kim and Dan look fabulous. The photographs really capture the love and emotion that Kim and Dan share. You can see a lifetime of happiness in these pictures. I really enjoyed how nature enhanced the images…the shots thru leaves, use of image reflections in the water. Happy memories definitely captured in these images, which can be shared with your family for years to come;-) Doesn’t it just get you excited for the wedding day!!!!

Samantha Cardimon - Really beautiful. The way the colors are captured is truly stunning and hard to do in such a variety of locations. Outdoor photography seems (to this non-photographer) to be very difficult with all the elements that come into play. I especially loved the photo in the covered bridge. Just very lovely.

Jenna - Beautiful pictures!!! :-) One of my favorite places! You both look so happy!!

Art - Nicely done. Good choice in location and poses and great quality photos.

Sandie - These photos are wonderful and love the various poses. I can only imagne how wonderful the wedding photos will be if this is how the engagement photos have turned out.Congrats to both Kim and Dan on a wonderful setting choice too its them

Edie - Stunning! These are great!

Samantha - These are absolutely breathtaking!! They realy capture the love between Kim and Dan. I know the two of them are even more excited and happy with their decision to have you capture their big day after seeing these photos! I can’t wait to see the entire collection of photos from the engagement shoot.

Scott - Nice framing and composition.

Kimberly - John, these are absolutely wonderful!! Thank you SO very much. We are so happy that we found you as our photographer.. you really did an amazing job. Can’t wait for our wedding!

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