WPPI Plus Class with Cliff Mautner

Earlier this year I had the pleasure of spending two days learning from master wedding photographer Cliff Mautner while attending his Plus Class at the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) conference in Las Vegas.  Cliff is not only an amazing photographer, but he shares his knowledge in a clear and no-nonsense kind of way.  I have heard others refer to Cliff as “the real deal,” which I understand to mean that he has put the time in to master his craft and embodies a true photographer first and foremost, rather than primarily being a savvy marketer (although I suspect from his success that he is good in that area also).  What I can certainly attest to first hand is that Cliff is an excellent instructor and I only hope to have other opportunities to learn from him in the future.  For wedding photographers looking to improve their skills, I highly recommend attending either his WPPI Plus Class or his Lighting and Skillset Bootcamp

While the focus of Cliff’s WPPI Plus Class was on learning rather than portfolio building (and I was thrilled this was the case), here are a few of the images that I captured while attending.  You may notice that many of these images were taken outside in the harsh mid-afternoon sunlight – a condition we often face as wedding photographers, and dealing effectively with such challenging situations was one of the key components of the class.

For those interested in wedding photography workshops, you may also want to check out my earlier post regarding the New York City Wedding Workshop I attended with Mike Colon.

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