Old City Philadelphia Engagement Session – Bekah & Connor

It was a beautiful spring day and a wonderful time to stroll around Old City Philadelphia for Bekah and Connor’s engagement session.  They are a remarkable and expressive couple, and the love and passion they share is clearly evident in the resulting images.  I must say that I was thrilled when Bekah and Connor chose me as their wedding photographer, given that I knew they were an awesome couple and since I had such a great time photographing Bekah’s sister’s wedding a couple years ago.  Thanks for a wonderful afternoon Bekah and Connor, and I can’t wait for your wedding next month.







Take a moment to also check out the engagement session of Jonathan and Jessica – Bekah’s sister.

Dawn - Beautiful! What a lovely setting for two lovely people!

kasey Hughes - My Comment, where is Towne and Country??? Where is Vogue???
Where is ESPN??? Where is EXTRA, oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!

Ben - A good looking couple! Great pics!

Theresa Bruno - Beautiful pictures, and a lovely couple!

Jamie C Finn - These are amazing!! I can’t wait to see your pics…if they’re anything like Anna and Chris’, they will be amazing. I love that you went to Old City…and of course, beautiful people make beautiful pictures 😉

Becky Noll - This couple could be Prince William and Kate 2-the magic, the romance, the elegance,the beauty-way to go Connor and Bekah!

Carolyn - Simply beautiful — the photos — and the people in them!

Kathy Buchan - Those are awesome pictures! John, I’m glad you are doing their wedding pictures. Your pictures are always so good.

Angie - amazing pictures! great job, I can only imagine how unbelievable the wedding day pics will be:)

jenn - beautiful pics

Emily - Great Pictures!

jon - These are amazing photos!!!

Sheila - Beautiful photos- can’t wait for your special day!

grace - wow!!beautiful pics!!!!I love them.fantastic work!!

carol - I think these pictures are fantastic.

jeff boettcher - Connor aren’t you glad that I insisted you pray for a wife all those years? Paid off big time…

Marybeth Stingle - I LOVE these pics–wow! You two look great–as the others have said before me, like models– and he settings are perfect. John, you are an amazing photographer. No wonder everyone is using your services these days. :- )

Karen and Jim - Stunning. What great photos!

Debbie Cardillo - Absolutely breathtaking pics! If I didn’t know you, I’d think they were airbrushed!!! Love them, and can’t wait for the Big Day :-)

Jacqueline Rager - Absolutely beautiful-like something out of a storybook!!

Lauren Perri - These pictures are absolutely amazing,Bekah you look beautiful! Congratulations on your engagement and I wish you two a long, happy and healthy life together!

Heidi - What a couple! Stunning photos, John, especially the placement of natural elements.

Denae - Awesome job! You really captured their emotions.

cyndi - love them!!! my cousin is so beautiful wonderful job bringing out their beauty!

Jayme Volz - Great pics!!! You guys are so cute! I can’t wait for your wedding!!

Judy Volz - The pictures are lovely…you look like models…Looking forward to the big day!

Jim Horner - Wow, the pictures are great. Love them! Connor and Bekah look amazing. Can’t wait to see the wedding.

Jennifer - Absolutely beautiful pictures. Bekah and Connor look great. You do a wonderful job. Your work is fantastic. Bekah and Connor are fortunate to have you photograph your wedding.

Bonnie Kilbride - These pics are amazing!! Love love love them!!

Monique - Wow!!!! Connor and Bekah your pictures look so amazing. Both of you look like fashion models.

janet - Awesome photos!! So happy for both of you.

Carmella - BEAUTIFUL! BEAUTIFUL!..and you looked good too, Connor! :)

Tabitha - I lOve the pics! You two look sO cute :)

Ellen Wolter - Wow! Absolutely stunning Connor and Bekah!! I love these pictures…you both look amazing and I’m so excited for you!

Ruth Williams - My favorite photo is of Connor and Beka lost in the green of the leaves and laughing together. Also love the photo with the flowering magnolia branch going across and the couple is in the back ground. Beautiful pictures, beautiful couple.

Sarah and Tony Graziani - Gorgeous pictures! You two look adorable together. Congratulations on the engagement ~ what wonderful news!

janet malcolm - awesome pictures!

Albe Albewan - Just terrific.

Al Buchan - Great photos John, but then again look at how great the subjects are.

June Harlow - Love the pictures! All the best to the blessed couple, may you always be this happy.

Cindy Wall - What gorgeous pictures!!

steve&Adrian Burnette - Beautiful pictures…Such a lovely couple!!

Elaine - You did a great job with the background — it worked so well for the occasion. I felt that photo number seven captured them the best.

Amy - Love the pictures! So excited for you guys!!!!

Kase - I’m with Brock. Pic #2 has a lot of goodness going on. The eagle claw grip and Blue Steel gaze are key, though.

tim - Beautiful pics of a beautiful couple.

becky - What wonderful pictures. It was a pleasure looking at them, such great work. Can’t wait to see the wedding pictures!

Emily - Awww… These are so cute! I love them! You guys look like you had an awesome time! What a cool backdrop for your pictures.

Laura Davis - These pictures are beautiful! I love the variety of places and poses!

Christoph - Congratulations Connor! Great pics!!

kate - great pictures!

Gary Zauner - What a lovely couple. Conner is a very lucky man. I wish both the best of luck and a very happy future together.

tori - OMG! these are beautiful! I am so happy for you guys. love you!

Dana - These photos of my Niece are BEAUTIFUL!!!!
They are a Great couple but these pics Really “show them off” !!!

Angie Woodson - Hey Connor I love your pictures. Im so happy for the both of you. I know Bekah has to be special if you picked her . I hope to get to meet her one day.Sending lots of hugs and blessings your way .

Kevin Carson - Congrats to the both of you. Really nice pics

Jillian Farabee - Such beautiful locations for such a beautiful couple.

Jess - I love the colors in these pictures. They are great!

Edmond & Jackie - How expressive! Such dramatic photos will undoubtedly be an inspiration to Connor and Bekah for many years to come. Wonderful scenery. Great workmanship, John.

Phil Sims - Hey Connor, those pictures are awesome! Congrats on the engagement.

Kevin Sorensen - Congrats Connor and best wishes to you and Bekah!!

Robert Buchan - John, love your work. When I grow up I want to shoot like you. If you ever need a second let me know…

Tom - Amazing Pics!

Rena - Great pictures friends!

Victoria - Wow! these are truly amazing pictures! Great job! =]

Anna O'Callahan - Great photos John!!

Brent - Awesome Pics..great work with a great couple.

Donna Hughes - Stunning pictures. Now I understand why Bekah was insistent on the photographer. Your love is very obvious.

Susan - Speechless!

Alycia Ours - Connor, these pictures are amazing! You guys are a beautiful couple. Congratulations!!!

Tim Lyle - good work connor!

Brock - Nice pics! Made Con look good, not an easy thing to do, haha. I especially like the second one. A mix of climbing the brick, dislocating Bekah’s shoulder, and seducing the camera, well done Con, well done!

Kathy Gray - You both look amazing, and obviously in love. Your wedding will be beautiful…and the marriage even better!

Trudi - Ahhh! So gorgeous!!! That girl is SO beautiful! I have such a great, huge urge to get engaged now!!! <3 <3 <3 Love love love.

steven - very sensual!

brooke - amazing photos! congrats :)

Chrissi - Speechless!!

Jenn Vanselous - i love the pictures! such beautiful angles.. historical philly was a really good place for these!

Jennifer - These are some of the most exquisite engagement photos I have ever seen. You both look so happy. Best of luck!

Brian Jones - These are some amazing photos. You two look very beautiful together. I thought the black and whites were great, then I saw the colors and was blown away again!

Jonathan - Another great photo shoot! Your work is continuing to bless those who get to see it. What a great looking couple to shoot too! Can’t wait for the wedding.

Kathi Baillie - These pictures are amazing…I love the Old City backdrop…so glad you will be capturing their special day in pictures as well.

kim boettcher - These pictures are so beautiful! You certainly captured their love for one another!

Brittany Yoder - Aww the pictures look great! I love them Bek and Connor! You guys look great!

Dolores Horner - Beautiful pictures. Very handsome couple. I’m looking forward to seeing the bride and groom on their wedding day.

Catherine Colby - Beautiful pictures! We’re so excited for you guys!!!

Kyle - Congrats! Connor’s got a couple “blue steel” looks in there. nice!

Ryan Foster - Very classy. Best wishes.

jenna canni - woa guys!! feelin’ the love! love the colors! :)

Beverly - Fun, romantic, sweet and playful — absolutely lovely!!

Brenda Cannon - It is hard to relax when someone’s pointing a camera at you, but it looks like you were able to make Bekah and Connor feel just plain happy and in love — no tension whatsoever! Beautiful subjects, beautiful backdrops, beautiful moment in time, and beautiful love.

Connor - Thanks John, the Pictures look great and we had a blast taking them.

Wendy Hunt - What beautiful pictures! I thought I was looking at popular magazine pics of Hollywood stars or something…simply stunning!

Karen Vanselous - These are some of the most gorgeous pictures I have ever seen-as your sister did with John, you two look like a couple of models-very natural and so in love!

Ashley T. Hughes - These photos of you two are AMAZING!!! So romantic! You can see how in love you two are. So inspiring :)

Gene - Very nice John! Obviously a fun couple who are passionate and full of love as shown in your photo’s. Great job of capturing her beautifull smile!

Bekah - LOVE the pictures :) Connor and I had such a fun time doing this together. We are so glad that you are going to capture our special day on camera. Thanks for all the hard work you put into these pictures, the turned out simply amazing.

Ying Chong - John – These pictures are stunning! Congrats to the beautiful Bekah and her fiance Connor!

Kim Hatfield - These are really great photos! Can’t say that I’m surprised! 😉

Matt - pics look really good

Jessica - John, you did a great job with these pictures!

Melissa - These pictures amazing!!! Great job. Bekah and Connor are so good-looking. So perfect! :):):)

Janet Buchan - Awesome pictures of an awesome couple at a great location.
Can’t wait for the wedding photos. (proud grandma)

Chris - awesome shots John!

Bob - John, Great job – thanks for making it a fun memory for Connor & Bek. Look forward to seeing you at the wedding!

< Bob

Bonnie Horner - Love the pictures, beautiful work John. I’m so glad you are photographing their wedding. You did such a great job with Jess and Jon’s. I look forward to seeing Bek and Connors wedding photo’s.

Jaimie - Love the pictures!! The backdrops are so vibrant, making the pictures full of life. I’ll always be a fan of your work John!

Linda Buchan - Wonderful pictures…I love how you captured how much they care for one another. Looking forward to seeing you on their wedding day!

Kim Miller - Very Nice! How can you go wrong with two very attractive people both personally and physically.

Barb Cameron - beautiful work John! Love the colors, the images, the couple!!!

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