Philadelphia Wedding Photographer – Kerri & Kenneth

Wedding Photography: Old City, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Chinese Wedding Banquet: Joy Tsin Lau, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Kerri and Kenneth contacted me shortly after having their wedding in Hawaii, which is where Kerri lived with her family prior to relocating to the east coast.  They planned to have a Chinese wedding banquet in Philadelphia, and asked if I would be interested in photographing them in and around the city, followed by documenting the banquet at Joy Tsin Lau in Chinatown.  After meeting them both at my residential studio, it became clear that this was definitely something I would enjoy.  We had a wonderful time spending time in Old City Philadelphia and Independence Hall before heading over to the Chinese wedding banquet.  Thanks for a great afternoon and evening, Kerri and Kenneth, and I hope you enjoy a wonderful life together!

Check out another of my Old City Philadelphia photography sessions via the menus above.

Winnie - Thx for sharing your great pics. You two are good couple.

Ny Thon - These are some very nice pictures. Love them!

MC - Great pics! Great time! Great People!

Melissa - beautiful!!

Phan - Stunning photos that capture the special moments between the beautiful bride and handsome groom

Jerry Fung - Kerri you look great in the pics…

Nary kith - I love the pics!!!

Brian - great pics!

Justin - great pics… wish i was there.. congrats to Kerri & Ken

Khalia - Again, these pics are absolutely beautiful…each and every one looks like they could be the display photo in a picture frame that you would buy. Gorgeous! Congrats again!

Ron L - Great pics! congrats again!

Lily - The pictures came out sooo beautiful!! Wishing u guys a lifetime of happiness!

Polly Ung - The pictures are amazing!! You captured them beautifully!!

Tam - awesome photos!

Liz - Your pictures are amazingly beautiful!!

Phillip - awesome pics! wish i was there!

Kellen Ngo - great pictures!!!

Kelly Yang - sweet!

Linda K. - Great photographs. The love between bride and groom was clearly captured.

Jessica Paige Dinsdorf - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Beautiful bride! Such a great couple! I think I’ll use this photographer for my wedding ; )

Jessica Paige Dinsdorf - ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Beautiful bride, such a great couple! And I’d like this photographer for my wedding ; )

bill chow - nice pics

keith - beautiful pictures!!

Chris - Great pic bro!!!

Annie Trinh - Congratulations, Kenny! Yall look super cute and happy :)

Lisa - BEAUTIFUL! <3

Lay Tum - Great pics guys. Congrates

wayne - great pictures!!!

Kathie - Congratulations! First 2 photos are my favorite. So awesome!

Mandy Mo - Great pictures!

Jenny - Very nice pictures! Congrats Kenny and Kerri! =D

Yin Ly - love!!!! great job

Anthony Nguyen - Nice pictures! Great photographer.

Kim Lien Maida - Awesome pictures! Can’t wait for Kenny and Kerri to show off the rest of their wedding pics!

Ann - SO cute!!! Congrats to the beautiful adorable couple! Looked like so much fun!!! Enjoy your great life together!!!

Kin - Nice pictures, little cousin!

F. Howdeshell - The pictures were great. Looks like you had fun having the pictures taken. Thanks for sharing. Loved it.

Tisha - Love the picture where your dress catches come air, that looked cool. Also liked the horses :)

Wade Richardson - You did a great job

Jeff Lum - Nice pictures

Sarah - Amazing pictures! You guys look great :)

Pro Ros - You guys look great in the pics!!! LOVE IT!!!

AK - +1

shawn - Great photos! You really captured their feelings.

Penny R. - Photos are really neat!

Dawn R. - Such a cute couple, love the pics!

Jen - Gorgeous pics, Ker! Love it!

Steve - Great pictures!

Mickey - Great pics! Love the one of you both on the bench!

Ly - Love the pictures! Love the Old City look and the reception pictures are really fun!

Mel - CUTE! Love these photos!

Kevin - Great Pictures, Cousin!

Judy - They all look great! Wish I was there.

Eileen - i love it!!! great photos!!

Kim-Loan - LOVE these pictures!!!

Danh Diep - Very nice pictures. You guys make a great couple.

JTran - Great pics! Feels like I was there celebrating w/ you guys.

Mike - Great pics! Ken is one handsome fellow.

Karen Lee - Lovely photos!

james holbrook - Amazing pictures Ken!

Ken Lee - Thanks for the awesome pictures! It was a pleasure sharing our special day with you guys. Can’t wait to get the dvd and photo album!

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