White Clay Creek Country Club Wedding Photography – Claire & Tim

Wedding Ceremony: Saint Thomas the Apostle, Wilmington, DE

Wedding Reception: White Clay Creek Country Club, Wilmington, DE

Claire and Tim celebrated their love a few weeks ago in Wilmington, Delaware, and I was honored to photograph their special day.  The weather was beautiful and Claire looked stunning, so after the ceremony we visited Rockford Park & Tower to create some images filled with peace and passion.  A unique aspect of their reception which I enjoyed was the inclusion of custom CD cases on each table that recognized their love for The Beatles – a love that I must admit I share.  They chose Ireland as their honeymoon destination, which was yet another thing I totally related to having spent a full month visiting friends in that beautiful country when I was 19.  Congratulations Claire and Tim!!!


I want to send a special thanks out to my friend and former law school classmate Karen for referring Claire to me for their wedding photography.  Thanks also to Michael Duarte for serving as my second shooter throughout the day.

Kimya - Beautiful pictures…Claire I have to agree with Leigh-Anne the last one is my favorite… I wish you and Tim a lifetime of blessings!

colleen ferraro - Bethany and Matt, The photos are beautiful! You are too!

Nichole - Congrats Bethany and Matt!These photos are absolutely amazing.Bethany,you looked so beautiful.So happy for you!

Best of wishes,

Nichole - Congrats Bethany and Matt! These photos are absolutely amazing. Bethany, you looked so beautiful. So happy for you!

Best of wishes,

Mom S - Claire, you were always the photogenic one. Still holds true. Extremely hard to pick.

Christie - The pictures are great! I have to say, do like the tree pictures alot. You two look very good together. Congrats!

Janelle Cannon - Great pics! I love the one under the lamppost!

Lain - Enjoyed looking at these photos, it was a lovely day.

Jenn - So happy to be able to join in the happy day, the pictures are beautiful!

Donna - These pictures show what a great couple Tim and Claire are, so gorgeous

Kris - What a great couple and what beautiful photographs.

Drew - Great photos, fun wedding

Susan - Beautiful couple = beautiful pictures

Becky - Fantastic pictures, had a wonderful time at the wedding.

Jon - These pictures are so good, I’m glad I don’t have to pick from them. Good luck!!!

Bill - These pictures will provide a lifetime of happy memories.

Johnny - Wow!!! what nice pictures. The wedding was fantastic!

Sara - Beautiful photos, will be hard to pick from these pictures.

Libby - Lovely pictures, great wedding, you both look great!

Mark - The photos are wonderful and everyone had a great time!

Matt - Great pictures, not a bad one in the bunch. Had a great time at the wedding.

Mal - definitely gonna be some tough choices to make :)

Amanda - Love these, Claire!

Jennifer - The pictures are amazing. You did an amazing job capturing the memories of two wonderful people.

Laura - Beautiful Claireeeeeee :) your lookin alright tim haha jk

Artika - Gorgeous photos!! Claire, you’re a stunning bride!

Charlie - Nice photos of everyone, really enjoyed looking at them.

Heather - Wonderful photos, everyone looks great, very impressed!!!!

Chuck - The photos are great, love them all. Photos seem to show how much fun everyone had that day.

Kimberly Gallup - Claire and Timmy, fantastic photos and awesome wedding.

Marty - Very good pictures! I wish you both happiness! I like the one with Tim leaning against the rocks.

Jake - Very nice pictures, no bad ones at all. You look very happy!
I like 388 and 404 – can I pick two?

Ann - What a photogenic couple! Best of luck!
My favorite is 424 or 425

Beth - Very nice pictures! I like 329.

ELIZABETH - Do I have to pick one? How about 304!

Laura - Nice to see great pictures “from afar”. Looks like you had a beautiful wedding!

Skeeter - The pictures are all great!

Janice - Great pictures! It was a beautiful wedding.

Patty - Great photos, Everyone looks like they had a good time and you guys look terrific!!!

Jane - The photos are wonderful, you both looked so great. Your happiness is captured in each photo.

Heather - The pictures were gorgeous, I like the picture of Tim leaning against the rocks in the park.

Marilyn - I didn’t pick a picture I liked the last comment, so I like the one taken by the rocks in the park

Jaime - The pictures were beautiful and you both looked great!!!!!

Paula - My God they were lovely!!!!!!

John - Nice pictures!

Bitsy - Beautiful wedding, excellent pictures! Too hard to pick one!

Shelly - These pictures are all so beautiful and a wonderful way to remember such a special day.

Denice - Claire, you are such a beautiful bride. Great pictures. Great couple. Lots of great memories in the pictures.


Donna - What a beautiful Irish couple! I wish you both many years of happiness and joy together. Love Donna and Mike

Shaun - Beautiful photos of a fantastic day! Congrats.

Jennifer Brady - Tim & Claire, these photos are great. You two look beautiful together! We had such a nice time at the wedding:)
Love, Jenn

Katina - Wow love all the pictures, nothing was missed, every moment was captured! Congratulations!

Devon - Claire you look adorable in the pic where you’re leaning on the tree and….is that your best man with the mic??? he’s so handsome!!

Kim Hatfield - John- Beautiful job, as always!!! I really love the last photograph.

Marilyn - These pictures are absolutely gorgeous, it’s going to be hard to choose because they are all beautiful. Great job!!!!!!!!!

Karen - Love the picture of you two dancing – it really captures your spirits!

Leigh-Anne - Claire – the pictures are beautiful. My favorite is the last one under the street light. Congrats!

Claire - The pictures turned out wonderful!!! Thank you so much for photographing our big day!

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