Annapolis Engagement Photography – Ayanna & Jeff

It was a real privilege to photograph Ayanna and Jeff’s engagement session recently, as I have been good friends with Jeff for over 6 years now and am thrilled to see him and Ayanna so happy together.  They decided to return to the place where they became engaged, which was near the bench marked “Commitment” at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.  Their love and commitment for each other was evident throughout our afternoon together.  Congratulations to you both!!!

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Sheila King - Beautiful Ayanna. Congratulations to you and Jeff, and God bless your marriage.

Lisa Boddie - Great photos!! The two of you look so happy. Great poses and the setting is beautiful. Congratulation!!!

JULIA-LYSTRA - Congratulation and God’s blessings ,you are gorgeous.WOW!

Danielle - I love them!! They’re beautiful (that first one is kinda sexy…Get a room :-)) I love you both and I’m so happy for you.

C Piper - Congratulations Ayanna and Jeff! These photos are beautiful.

Ciara - Great photos. I am Kristin’s sister and she told me to look at the photos! Congrats and good luck.

kristin - AMAZING

Jennifer Price - Congratulations!!! I’m so happy for the both of you. I love the pics and you two are so happy in them and it truly light up my day ;o)

aamira - Jeff and Ayanna – Congratulations! The pictures are amazing- my favorite is the commitment bench.

Chrissy Peterson - Love the pics! They really captured your happiness. Couldn’t be more lovely. :-)

Adam S. - Hey Guys, Photos Look awesome. Hope you guys are keeping well.

Candice Smith - Congrats you guys! These are beautiful! You guys look so happy. It’s amazing how he was able to capture the true essence of your love for each other. May God bless your union!

David B. - Congrats Jeff – loved the pics. Especially liked the way they mixed the black & white photos in with the ones in color.

candice alexander reid - Congrats Ayanna and Jeff wish you guys all the best. Hmm so guess next in line to get married is Brian,Keith and I. Lol may God bless your union hunnies! Hugz and kisses!

Erin - These photos are gorgeous! I particularly like the contrast of the color with the classic black and white. Congratulations to you both!!! The pictures are beautiful and the wedding is going to be as well!

Jonathan - Congrats again you two! The photos look great! I’m definitely liking the second image, at your engagement location, the best! It’s a great angle and a great use of black and white photography …plus it captures a great bit of honest emotion! Good job Jon Stickel.

Lisa Andrews - Congratulations Ayanna and Jeff. The pictures are great!

Keith - The pictures are beautiful!!!!

Marie Bell - The photos are great. They are a perfect display of love and admiration for one another. You all appear to be the perfect match for each other. May this union be blessed with all the riches life has to offer.

Kisha - Congrats guys! The pictures are just lovely and truly capture your spirit and the love you share!

Dona - Gorgeous photos of two really beautiful people.

Chuka - Awwww, love is in the air. Congratulations again. That cliff looked a little scary. You guys looks good together.

Chuka & Kristyl

Margie - Ayanna and Jeff, Congrats on your engagement! The pictures are beautiful; pictures 3 and 6 are my favorites. I wish you many blessing on your engagement and marriage.


Angela Carter - Jeff and Ayanna, Congrats on your engagement! The pictures are absolutely beatiful, you can see the love between the both of you in every picture. May God continue to bless you both. Thanks for sharing!


TaWana Furbush - These pictures are so sweet! Kudos to the photographer who captured the romance amid scenic locations (love the commitment bench)! Congrats Ayanna and Jeff! Keep the romance alive!

Letitia John-Williams - Congratulations to Jeff and Ayanna, wishing you all the bestThe pictures are lovely,the photograyer is the one for the wedding I already recommeded him to a friend at work who is getting married next year. Good job, well done.

Letitia John-Williams

Kim - Beautiful photos! There were so many unique spots at your location to make the pictures even more special! Congratulations!

Kevin and Rachael Adger - Jeff and Ayanna, Congrats on your engagement. The pictures are beautiful. We wish you all the best of marriage.

Zim - Absolutely beautiful photographs! Especially loved #6 and #8. Congrats to my girl, Yanna and her hubby-to-be Jeff. I am very happy for the both of you and looking forward to celebrating with you this fall :-)

Yolanda Guobadia - Jeff and Ayanna, congrats on your engagement! I absolutely love every single picture. Yes, John you have captured the beauty of this couple and I see their love for one another in each picture. My favorites are the ones taken by the water and rocks (stunning) and the one taken with the red brick. Absolutely amazing pics!

Martha - Love the engagement photo’s of Ayanna & Jeff. I especially like the one on the wooden walk with your back to us and walking into the future together. That is true love.

Ernest - The pictures are awesome. Congrats.

Chambre - These photographs are beautiful! Congratulations on your engagement!

Samantha - These engagement picture are truly beautiful. I really feel the photos capture the happiness and love this couple shres for one another.

Deirdre Lamb - The pictures are so lovely. I really like the “Commitment” one.

Monique Turner - Beautiful pictures for a beautiful couple. Your true love for each other really shows. My favorite pictures are the Commitment bench and the bridge. Congratulations Ayana & Jeff!!!!!!

j.eddins - Love the pictures, and the smiles Jeff. You have a beautiful wife to be. #3 is my favorite. You can SEE the love in both of your expressions. Congrats! Im proud of you :)

Jennifer Cox - Congrats to the beautiful couple! The pics are great!!

Winford F.Lamb III - All the pics turned out great! I believe my favorite is the one in front of the Dogwood trees

Sandra - My favorite is the last one of course, where they are holding hands and walking off to begin their life..All of the photos are great, cute couple….

B - What can I say? The story of the engagement and the commitment photo, photo number 5 by the water and the smiles on number 6 is beautiful. The photographer captured the love between you both. Ayanna you are truly glowing. Thanks Jeff.

Patti Ulrich - P. Ulrich – awesome pictures that really capture the spirit of Jeff and Ayanna.

Barbara Shelton - All the pictures are great. My favorite is #6 from the top. I like the colors, the smiles and the background of the water.

Barbara Shelton

Jason Dowling - So my favorite is the “commitment” photo. It reminds me of a photo you would see in a new picture frame! You two look great together in the photos, congrats to you both again!

Senney Turner - I love the pictures – reflections of true love.

L. Rogers - Ayanna, the pictures are very beautiful. I can see all the Love, Love and Love for each other. Love the Commitment bench photo and the black and white photos. Malinda likes her flats. Can’t wait for the big day.

M. Ballard - The pictures are absolutely beautiful! So happy for you two :)

C. Hargrove - The pictures are great. My favorite one is the one with Ayanna posing. I love the look of love and happiness on Jeff’s face. My second favorite picture is the one with them on the commitment bench.

Mizz-D - These pictures are the true essence of what you wanted everyone to see. Two people very much in love. The expressions are genuine and natural. I too am a fan of the “commitment” bench photo!

Props to the photographer for a great expression of his keen sense of natural creativity.

B Sears - Hey Guys – I luv luv luv the shots. The mix of b/w and color is great. The close ups are sharp with muted back images; great since it is your upcoming day and the focus will be on YOU. BTW love the b/w (hand on hip) where Ms. A seems to say I got this and Jeff nodding yeah, right. lol

E. John-Williams - What can I say?? The pictures are absolutely beautiful! You definitely captured the love that these two share for one another.

R. Small-Charles - I absolutely love, love these photos of my Ayanna and Jeff, had me crying like a fool on the job. Great job John.

Damon Colbert - Ayanna, Jeff, and John, these photos are great. I especially like the second-to-last one.

R. Alexander - John, the engagement photo’s of Ayanna & Jeff are great. I especially like the one taken on the “commitment” bench. They look so much in love.

N. Dawson - Love the pictures! These two are too cute.

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