Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia Wedding Portraits – Jenny & KC

Wedding Portraits: Old City and The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Wedding Reception: Imperial Inn, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I had an amazing time photographing Jenny and KC’s recent wedding in Philadelphia.  We started the morning at the home of Jenny’s parents for the traditional Chinese tea ceremony, as well as the door games that typically precede the groom gaining access to his bride.  Following this we spent some time during the afternoon in Old City Philadelphia and then visited The Ritz-Carlton where Jenny and KC were spending the night.  After creating wedding portraits for this gorgeous couple, we spent the evening celebrating their wedding banquet at the Imperial Inn.  Congratulations Jenny and KC and thanks for allowing me to photograph your beautiful day!!!

Feel free to look through my blog for other Chinese weddings I’ve photographed throughout the years.  Also, it was my pleasure working with Paulio from Shakespeare Productions who was the videographer for Jenny and KC’s wedding.

phae - Gorgeous Pictures! :)

Foong Su - Nice work

Saypri Tran - Pretty

Shawna Hernandez - Kc and Jenny, Beautiful pictures!!!!! Beautiful couple!! I hope to hear about a baby soon…..

Samuel Tran - Very nice photos

Dalena Ngao - <3

Henry - Woah gorgeous

AJ - Kick butt photos

Chris Pham - Such beautiful wedding pictures

hilary - Awesome job on these photos

scottie huynh - *high five* pictures are stunning

ajhie azizi - Congratulation your pictures come out really nice

Du Tran - Too nice

Loc Nguyen - Beautiful pictures

Anne Tang - Wow these pictures makes me feel like I’m there.

Jen - The pictures shoot in old city are breathtaking.

Lucia H - These photos are beautiful. I know who to go to when I get marry.

jian huang - You captured the bride’s smile so well

bl - Wow stunning photos.

danny - Great pictures

brian - Speechless

eva - Gorgeous pictures

rachel - These pictures are awesome

rand - Nice photos

Anne - So pretty :)

xin - 😉

Kevin - Great job very beautiful. Grats

Tiff - Absolutely stunning!

Shawn - Great pictures! You guys look great!

Christine Manturuk - Loved all the pics! Great Job to the Photographer!

Angela Cheung - Beautiful all around

Toure - Congrats!

Siaka - Beautiful

Helen H. - Lovely pictures!

Elizabeth H. - Stunning!

Rose McMenamin - Beautiful pictures!! Congrats


Melissa D. - Perfect pictures for the perfect couples

Linda Heng - Lovely couples you both look great

Daniel Su - I got a new cousin. Oh yea!!

Nini Kim - You guys look great, awesome photos

Linna Heng - Beautiful pictures!! Congrats

Mike - KC, you are a lucky guy!

Ally - You guys look so happy in the pictures! =)

Jon - Very nice shots!

Sin - I would look better

Sandy - These are amazing pictures! =)

Vanny - so beautiful…

Alicia - congrats!!!!

Vinh - Great pictures!

Kevin Chan - Amazing pictures! Never knew there is so many nice settings on Philly.

Vincent - Wow very beautifull. Awesome pictures and great back grounds. Nicely done.

Nep - Very nice pics. Congrats

Lee - Congrats

KB - Beautiful pics! Congrats Jenny and blessings for the future!

Benny - Love the pics!! U guys look great

Phuong - Nice photos

Chan Ha - beautiful!

Thung Su - Congrats!

cai su - nice pics

David C - Congrats and amazing pics.

Stephanie Fedoroff - Stunning photography.

Sara Nam - Gorgeous :)

Doung Su - Very nice pictures! Congrats aunt and new uncle kc. Haha.

Lisa - Loved the pics!!

Melissa - Timeless…

mimi - Photos are beautiful as well as the ladies. Bride spectacular.

Maggie - Captivating!! Beautiful pictures!!!

Helen - Congratulation..

Evan Su - So nice ..:)

Karen Duong - Really Nice Photos. Congratulations to the bride and groom

Leah - Beautiful :)

Jimmy - Nice Photos

Anne - Congratulations

Karen - Beautiful

David - Nice pics, like the greenery

Soofy - Lovely photos! So happy for bride and groom

John - These are some really well done pictures, especially the white n black ones

Julia - Really great pictures! Love the black and whites!

Frank - These pictures are stunning! Great job by the photographer! Jenny you looked AMAZING!!!! KC you are truly a lucky guy, Congrats to you both!!!!

Charlie - Beautiful Couple photographed beautifully! Perfect settings for each photo! Congratulations!

Susan - I love the hots in old city – especially the one with the huge brick wall. Gorgeous!

Lillie - The pictures were truly beautiful. You definitely captivated what true love really is. :) Loved the photos!

Van - They were all beautiful pictures of the bride and groom on their special day.

Kayin - Jenny you look beautiful! Great job as always John!

Melinda - Great photos! Photographer did an excellent job!

Tommy - To my favorite sister and brother-in-law u guys look happy and beautiful in these pics , makes me wish I did the same. Nah I don’t haha but u guys do look great together. :)

Ethan - My aunt is very beautiful

KC - There is only one thing more beautiful then the pictures capturing our special day, that would be my wife. Thank you John for capturing all those moments.

Yit - Congraduation!!

Dickie Lam - Beautiful Pictures….wish there were more shots of the bridesmaids….especailly your nice, hot, single cousin !!!!


Phan - Love your wedding picture!!

Phu Ly - Excellent photos as always John. Congrats to the couple!

Ying Chong - Wow! What can I say, these photos are beautiful! Congrats again to the beautiful bride and groom :)

lilly Contreras - Love the black and white photos

Michelle - Love the photo! Great job :)

Justin - Wonderful photos

Mui Ly - Simply beautiful!!! Great job John. You’ve captured the happiness of their special day in every photo :)

Nigel Maxwell - The two of you look great together! Congrats on such a great day.

Andy - Great photos!

Huong - Great pics!! Love them :)

Jarid - Best wedding photo ever!

Ada - Hands off the butt!

Jenny Su - Thanks so much for taking these beautiful pictures. It was great working with you. The pictures reflect your dedication and determination to get the right shot. Can’t wait to see the album!

Robert Buchan - Great work John – you keep getting better and better! Blessings… < Bob

Joe Sedik - Gorgeous John!
Thanks so much for sharing :o)

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