These three words encapsulate the core of my approach to photography as well as how I endeavor to live my life. I strive to bring an undercurrent of peace to every wedding and portrait session I photograph, so that the focus remains on the love and relations that I've been given the honor to document. I balance this with my tremendous passion for photography which culminates in my desire to produce beautiful and compelling imagery. Presence is the ultimate goal and ingredient, as maintaining a state of heightened awareness enables the observation of subtle details and brief interactions that reveal the inner essence of a person or moment. Please enjoy viewing the images in the galleries and throughout my website.

Barn on the Bridge Wedding Photography – Kate & Mike

Wedding Reception: Barn on the Bridge, Collegeville, PA


I had the pleasure of meeting Kate and Mike through a former client and knew immediately after our first meeting that I would have a great time documenting their special day.  They had a beautiful and intimate wedding ceremony at their parents home, followed by  a festive fall-themed reception at the Barn on the Bridge.  The weather was wonderful throughout this autumn day, allowing for us to explore the surrounding area a bit before the reception commenced.  Following a delicious dinner, I was thrilled to see that their guests kept the dance floor busy all through the night.  Congratulations Kate and Mike and thanks for letting my photograph your wedding!!!



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Reuben Marshall - Great pictures. It was a really fun wedding.

Meredith Berwick - Beautiful! Everything looks so pretty!!!

Courtney - Timeless photos and a beautiful couple!

Albert - Great pictures !! Wonderful time !! Wish you a very happy life together.

Gilla - Love the wedding,love the venue, love the pictures…. Most of all love the beautiful happy couple!! Kate !!! Kate !! Absolutely gorgeous bride xx we had a blast !!! <3

Luis Michael Garcia - Wonderful wedding with extraordinary pictures that will generate many happy memories not only for Kate and Mike but also for all who attended the event. Beautiful couple, splendid event and artistically recorded for the present/future.

Samantha - These are amazing!!!

Alyssa - Wow these are beautiful- congratulations!

Uppi - These are gorgeous! Love the one with the shoes. Congrats!

Liana - These pictures are so beautiful! Best wishes and congratulations!

Julia - These are so well done! Really interesting angles and compositions!

Joyce - Beautiful!! So many great shots. Congrats to Katie and mike!!

Jane - These are gorgeous! Congratulations!

Ally - The pictures came out great :) such a beautiful couple.

Sarah - Beautiful pictures! Congrats to you both!!

Jenn - Gorgeous pictures! Love them all. Good luck deciding which ones to keep!

Adam - The party shots don’t lie. Great wedding!

Lara - Love the pics! So many to frame, how on earth will you decide?!

Leonard Noel - Beautiful pictures! What a great party!

Rosandrea - Michael & Kate,
Amazing photos, they captured the joy and love of a wonderful day.
– rosa :)

Dick - Great pictures! Especially liked the lighting and peace they capture. We had a wonderful visit and these have refreshed the recent memories.

Ted - Mike you are such a stud! What a doll you snagged!

The Meimas - Amazing photos of an amazing couple. Love the shot of you two entering the reception.

Mike - Boomshakawowow

Larry Schroepfer - Absolutely awesome! Fantastic work!

Ellie - Wow, these pictures are gorgeous guys! You’re going to need a huge wedding album. That was such a fun night!

Tony - Eloquent & Beautiful. Great Photo’s of a gorgeous wedding. Congrats!

Lindsey B - These pictures are amazing! You two look stunning.

Kim Millar - Kate and Mike, what terrific pictures of your wedding day! I love how there are the intimate photos from your wedding and also a lot of fun unique photos after. Can’t wait too see your album!

Shelley - Beautiful photos! You look amazing, Kate!

Sarah - Beautiful pictures!!! Congrats Kate & Mike!!

Lindsay S - These are amazing! I of course, enjoy the shot during Jeremy’s toast that displays Kate’s embarrassment. The photos are absolutely stunning!

Catherine - Congrats again to you both! I think the picture on the bridge is my favorite, although so hard to choose one! So many great shots!!

Ayanna - Kate, Your pictures are beautiful! You made an absolutely stunning bride :) I need that ‘queen’ sign in my life right now! Thanks for sharing.

Lorena - Awesome fotos! Thank you for sharing.

Andrea - These pictures are beautiful. Wasn’t that Lindsay’s scarf? That really came in handy.

Jolie Dennis/Istvan Rozanich - You both look so amazing and so happy! What a beautiful couple, inside and out!

Jessica Dunsmore - Lookin’ good!

Jeremy - Meh….Just kidding, they look great!

Brittanie - These are amazing! I wish we could have been there. You both look so happy:)

Rhiannon - Wow, these are stunning! Love the one of mike dancing and “the queen will not be accepting an audience” shot.

Helen Schroepfer - Beautiful!! Loved Mike’s shoelaces…

Nicole - These pictures are beautiful. Amazingly sharp and vibrant. Mike even has his GQ pic ready for publishing in next month’s mag. :)

Desiree - Amazing pictures – you guys look great! Love your dress! Congratulations!

Kelsey - Katie, you look stunning! I LOVE seeing the gorgeous pictures, it helps make up for the fact that I couldn’t be there :-)

Christina - Great pics! Love the dress. Thanks for sharing!

Bri - Love these pictures! What a good looking couple :^)

ASK - Mike – you look as good as a cheeseburger! What an awesome night.

Julie - Beautiful! Congratulations you two!

Kelly Smith - Great pictures! You both look amazing and so happy :)

Ellen - I love the one with Kate’s scarf flying away! And the colors on the outside photo shots are so sharp and lovely!

Kurtis - Kate and Michael – you both look incredible. These pictures show your true warmth. Beautiful! Congrats again!

Huntingdon Valley PA Wedding Photography – Bridal Session

A short while ago I had the pleasure of photographing a number of captivating models wearing beautiful wedding gowns provided by Priscilla Costa. The bridal session was organized by Mackenzie Hughes of Mack Stylists, whose staff generously provided hair and makeup services for the models. The amazing wedding bouquets were provided by Amanda Hill. These are just a sampling of the images from the session, but I want to thank all of the models who offered their time and beauty. I also want to thank the talented wedding professionals who helped make this session possible, including my friend and photographer colleague Sue Burrough. Enjoy the images!!!

Feel free to also check out other models I photographed previously during a New York City models session.

me - Just thought you might want to check this out. He’s using one of your photos as his own.

Newton White Mansion Wedding – Ayanna & Jeff

Wedding Ceremony & Reception: Newton White Mansion, Mitchellville, Maryland

It was a real honor to photograph Ayanna and Jeff’s wedding recently.  They are an amazing couple and it was wonderful to see them so happy throughout their special day.  Jeff and I have been friends for over 7 years now, and I’ve witnessed first hand the positive impact and joy that his beautiful bride Ayanna brought into his life.  Congratulations to you both, and I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!!!

Be sure to also check out Ayanna and Jeff’s engagement session from last year via the menus above.

Leonard Noel - These pictures look amazing! What a beautiful wedding.

Anita - Kate and Mike,
The photos are gorgeous. Especially love the one with Kate’s white scard blowing in the wind. Beautiful!

Amanda Voight - You take beautiful pictures! Congrats again on your happy event!

aisha glover - you were truly a beautiful bride, ayanna. you are a beautiful person inside and out and i wish you and mr. jeff the best!

Ernest - Great Wedding, Great People, Great Memories, Great Pictures. These pictures do speak a thousand words. All the best.

Tawana Furbush - WOW! The pictures are awesome! John Stickel has a gift for capturing moods and moments. Congrats Ayanna and Jeff!

Newton White Mansion Wedding | Ayanna and Jeff – Blended Beauté - […] out more pictures from this lovely couple’s wedding on John’s blog. […]

Chrissy - Amazing pics!! And, such a cute couple.

Nancy - What a beautiful couple! The photos show a day of happiness and love!

Pauline Scott - Ayanna & Jeff – These wedding photos are stunning!!! You two are the picture perfect bride and groom (I’m a little biased, of course!) And John Stickel photography is excellence at its best.

Martha - These pictures are great. Thanks so much for sharing. Everyone looks like they are having a great time.

Keith - Congratulations to my sis and brother-in-law the pictures are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

Danielle - The pictures are perfect. Frame that kiss!!

Bonita Edwards - These pictures are some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Best wishes to the gorgeous Bride and Groom; the photography is great!

Yolanda Guobadia - Stunning, gorgeous and absolutely amazing! An amazing couple, Jeff and Ayanna you both were so beautiful on your wedding day. Blessings to you both. An amazing and extremely talented photographer, John Stickel – WOW!

Maya - The pictures of your wedding are beautiful!

Just Jonathan - The wedding was amazing and the photographs are impressive as well! Thanks John Stickel Photography for giving us the great memories. I especially like that J.S.P. was able to get such great shots without being intrusive at all.

Great job all around …Cheers to a great future!

Granma Sears - Love will keep you together. Pictures of my happy grandson and his bride are great.

Barbara S - Great pictures of good memories.

Jude - The pictures came out great. Very well done!

David & Dianne Kinsey - What Lovely Pictures

el dub - my boy JSears grabbed her face with conviction!!! now *that’s* a happy man with purpose

Nekesa - Congratulations Ayanna and Jeff! THe entire day looked amazing and the photogapher did an excellent job capturing the moment. There are some great action shots! I love the one with Marshall walking into the room dancing!

Cathy - The pictures are beautiful! Enjoy your lives together!!!!

Wanda - Ayanna, you were simply a beautiful bride with a lovely smile. Your photos are awesome, in particular the photos with the sneakers. Congratulations to you and your new husband.

Candice S - Oh my goodness! These portraits are absolutely AMAZING!!!! I can’t tell which ones are my favorites because they are all beautiful. The photographer really captured the love & joy of that day! I’m so happy for you, Ayanna & Jeff! May God continue to bless this union! Congratulations!

claudia c - definitely can feel the love in here!!!

Ciara C - my sister is friends with the couple and had to show me! Amazing! great photos :)

Kristin C - absolutely beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

B - Ayanna & Jeff,

It was a honor and privilege to share this occasion with you guys on that special day. The pictures are amazing and they capture the love that you two share. I wish you both everlasting love. B

Candice alexander Reid - Hey Ayanna you look absolutely stunning, and to my new cousin-in-law, may you both continue to have years and years of endless happiness and love together. God Bless You!

Jennifer DaCosta - These pictures are beautiful! You guys look great and John Stickel did a wonderful job of capturing your love and the celebratory spirit of the event. Thanks for letting me be there to see it in person!

Edwina - Love the photos! It was such a wonderful and blessed event. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your amazing and special day. Kudos to the photographer for flawless photos:-)

LOGAN - Beautiful Pictures,a beautiful wedding.best wishes to you both.

DONA - The photographer utterly captured your joy and the pride in dad’s face. Beautiful. That ring bearer is too cute :) Dona

Dale - Congrats again Ayanna & Jeff! What a great wedding! The pictures are OFF DA METER!!!!

ellen - The pictures tell a story of joy and love. May your marriage continue to be so blessed! -ellen

Kate Schroepfer - These pictures are fantastic, and Ayanna, you look radiant! I’m so happy for you both, and wish you a lifetime of love and happiness together!

Robin F. - Ayanna and Jeff – 2012 Bride & Groom! What a blessing to witness “who God has joined together”. These great pictures brought tears to my eyes. Ayanna is radiant and her true essence (inside and out)was captured in every picture. And that smile! And Jeff…his expressions tell the story of just how happy,proud,and blessed he is to have found such a beautiful woman -now his beautiful wife. He too, sealed it with his smile. I’m thankful I was a part of one of the greatest events of 2012. Again, congratulations and may God bless you forever.

Gerald Plummer - In one word…”Spectacular”. You two look great together. God Bless the both of you.

Patti Ulrich - Beautiful pictures of a wonderful couple!

Lindsey - Simply stunning. Picture perfect in everyway!!

Amy Gallant - These pictures are beautiful! Best wishes to you both…what a beautiful wedding!

Stacey L. - Ayanna, Your Wedding Pictures are lovely. I especially love the black and white photos. Cheers to you both.

R. Alexander - These pictures in essence tell a beautiful love story. John, it was amazing how you captured certain facial expressions of Ayanna & Jeff. John took so many great photo’s , however, the 2 individual black & white of my daughter sitting in her hotel room looking up; and the one of my son-in-law looking out of his hotel window are beautiful.

May God forever bless your love!

Carrie Nelson - Awwwwwww Ayanna you look so pretty!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you and your new husband! May God bless your union and bring you everlasting love!


Letitia John-Williams - The Pictures are beautiful. The photography did a beautiful job,capturing two beautiful and wonderful couple. May God Bless them both.

Sonja - YOUR LOVE is BEAUTIFUL!! Congratulations~

B. Sears - WOW – Was I really at this wedding. I guess I was since Jeff is my son and Ms. A my new daughter(in-law). Seems like I couldn’t be everywhere at one time BUT J. Stickel was; whew am I glad. Great job capturing so many moments (traditional and unique).

Love so many of the pictures but my favorite is the unique picture of Ms. A looking at herself in the mirror. The classic staircase picture of them is a realllll keeper.

Angela - Awesome! You both look amazing!

Jack Spears - Awesome shots and the very best wedding I’ve ever attended! You both ROCK!

Tony Boston - Theses shots are priceless! You did an outstanding job representing what an outstanding evening this was as well as capture the really cool vibe that Jeff & Ayanna exude as a couple. NICE!!!!

Lisa Andrews - Ayanna-You look absolutely radiant. What a great day for you and Jeff. You look like models-all of you. What a beautiful family! Great great pics!

Daniel Morris - These pix are awesome! The wedding was beautiful and Stickel managed to capture the wonderful spirit of the evening in his photos. (Didn’t realize the kiss was so grown-up…lol!) Seriously, congrats! You two deserve the best.

Moira Ballard - Beautiful pictures to capture a wonderful time of two coming together as one! Best wishes always!

Latrice - These pictures are absolutely amazing!!!

Nadia - These pictures are amazing! Clearly, I missed the big kiss from behind you.

Angela Barton - Beautiful! These pictures tell the story from start to finish. J.S. Photography A+, you guys were GREAT!

Damon Colbert - These photos are amazing. I loved this wedding. John Stickel is a beast!

Jerard Gibson - beautiful wedding AND photos…looks like i missed the occasion of the year! i’m so happy for y’all both – blessings for the year ahead. welcome to the fold of marital bliss.