In each individual there exists a beauty from which our eyes can only begin to scratch the surface.  My goal as your portrait photographer is to capture your essence as an individual or the loving relationships shared by your family.  I believe that the true value of a photograph lies in the emotion that it evokes from its viewers, and thus my focus is always on portraying the story of you or your family in such a way as to allow viewers a glimpse of the beauty that most certainly lies within.

My approach to portrait photography will depend largely upon your individual needs.  Recognizing that everyone is unique, I first seek to understand what you are looking for from me as your professional photographer.  You may want lifestyle photographs that portray you or your family participating in activities, spending time together at a particular location, or attending a family event.  Or you may want more traditionally posed portraits that can decorate your living room or office, or that you can share with family and friends.  Or perhaps you may want photographs of you that help promote your business or model portfolio.   I will strive to create images that beautifully capture you or your family that are consistent with your specific needs. 

Location portrait packages start at $300.  To learn more about my portrait packages or discuss how I can best serve your photographic needs, please feel free to contact me at john@johnstickel.com or at 888-757-FOTO (3686).